Contact Info

Carroll Manor Soccer Committee Members

Jarod Picone | Carroll Manor Soccer Chairman |

Abbey Campbell | VP/Travel Commissioner |

Carolyn Mummert | Treasurer |

Robert McDavid | Hot Shots Chairman |

Bernie Cefalu | U-8 Boys/Girls Chairman |

Alicia Matesa | Head Referee | U-10 Boys/Girl Chairman |

Rocco Lattanzi | U12 Boys/Girls Chairman |

Abid Khan | Registrar / Field Coordinator | 

Joe Travaglione | Secretary / Media Web Coordinator | message via Facebook

 Chuck Warnke | Member at Large

Jeff Schuch | Member at Large

Travis Pendergast | Member at Large

Colin Hill | Member at Large 



Do you have Questions?

Please contact Jarod Picone with questions:


Phoenix Football Club/PFC  - we are early in our infancy in building our program Established in 2018. We are constantly working on our program, committee positions, and our bylaws. If you have an questions regarding the most recent version of the bylaws, what the positions are, or ways you can volunteer please feel free to contact us.