Hot Shots Info

Coerver United Training has provided an overview of a typical session.  Please review and let us know if you have questions:

Below is the Outline for the Coerver First Skills Program
1. Scrimmage - (8-10 Minutes)  The goal of this is for our young players to experience the game as soon as they get to training. Players are usually so excited to start that if you start with a scrimmage it allows them time to experience the game and burn some energy. It also allows time for those late arriving families to jump in and not miss skill work or instruction.
2. Skill Box: (10-15 Minutes) Players will learn control dribble (Turtle Dribble) and speed dribble (Cheetah Dribble). Players will be taught to dribble with their laces and outside of the foot. We will teach other skills like boxes and toe touches. The final piece will be the Coerver Move of the Day.
3. Fun Game: (5-8 Minutes) Game will be fun and encourage players to use the Coerver Move of the Day.
4. 1v1 Game: (5-8 Minutes) Game will be goal oriented and will encourage players to use Coerver Move of the Day.
5. Shooting: (5 Minutes) Focus on proper shooting technique. (Striking the ball with your laces, not your TOES!)
6. Scrimmage


The Hot Shots Program

Hot Shots soccer is an entry level, clinic style program for boys and girls who have turned 4 by the start of our soccer season.  Hot Shots runs from September 7 to October 26, 2019.

Teams focus on ball handling skills and basic rules of soccer (kicking, passing, hands free, sidelines, overhead throws, positions). The first 3-4 weeks consist of skills and drills and progress to mini-games for the remainder of the season. All practices are at Hydes field for all teams on Saturday mornings.

We have engaged Coerver United to provide training for our young boys and girls this year.   To find out more about their traiing method used across the globe please follow this link:

Hot Shots continue to rely on the great volunteer coaching staff that signs up to be on field with the players.  We encourage you to sign up to coach and assist the program  as instructors and supporters.  The goal is help you help us grow the CMRC soccer program for years to come.


You can direct your questions about Hot Shots to Robert McDavid.  See you on the field!